Ghent Group

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The European Union of 27 countries hopes to harmonise standards of medical practice and qualifications in all specialities across the Union. The Ghent Group aims to assist with this process for forensic psychiatry and has formulated some primary objectives to this end.


“To support aspects of training, which will facilitate the practice of forensic psychiatry across national boundaries in Europe, to meet and develop ideas, to make recommendations about training and to support the development of professional groups in countries developing new services”.

Purpose and Aims

  • bridging the channel
  • not research but understanding our “neighbours'' ways of dealing with the problems
  • understanding, what is going on in Europe and how to develop this understanding
  • teaching and training



  • number of forensic expert in different countries of Europe
  • specialization of forensic psychiatry in different countries in Europe
  • training and organization of forensic psychiatry in different countries in Europe


 Topics and Definitions

  • common definition of forensic psychiatry
  • history of forensic psychiatry in different countries in Europe
  • ethical guidelines
  • epidemiological data
  • regional and national specifics
  • interrelation between treatment and assessment
  • understanding and treating victims
  • economics as training issue
  • research training.

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