Ghent Group

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2004   Ghent (Belgium)

2005   Stockholm (Sweden)

2006   Kopenhagen (Denmark)

2007   Munich (Germany)

2008   Nijmwegen (The Netherlands)

2009   Bridgend (Cardiff, Wales)

2010   Innsbruck (Austria)

2011   Antwerp (Belgium)

2012   Barcelona (Spain)

2013   Dublin (Ireland)

2014   London (UK)

2015   Budapest (Hungary)

2016   Vught  (The Netherlands)

2017   Vienna (Austria)

2018   Vaasa (Finland)

2019   Siena (Italy)




16th Annual Meeting

Siena (Italy), 19th-21st September 2019 



The 2019 Ghent Group Conference will take place in Siena 19-21st September 2019. It is primarily for people who have expertise and experience in forensic psychiatry working in practising in Europe. Researchers and practitioners from allied disciplines may also find it of interest. Some details are attached – for more information and registration, please visit the website:


Some accommodation has been reserved at the Hotel Moderno







PJT 30/09/2018 

The next Summer School will be at Munich and Kloster Seeon 5-9 August 2019 

The next Ghent group conference in Siena, 19th – 21st September 2019 

Siena 2019




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